Raising Teens with Consent Education ~ Part 2

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Lauren K. Carlson is the author of "Raising Kids to Understand Consent" and the workbook series: "Consent for Kids." Previously, Lauren has published a children's book, "My Body is My Own," which is "highly recommended" by pediatricians and clinical psychologists.

As a mother and victim of assault, Carlson has used her experiences to guide parents and educators as they talk to children about setting boundaries and respecting others.

In this episode, Lauren answers these questions and more:

1. How is "Stranger Danger" outdated and how can we update the conversation with our teens?

2. If you suspect trouble, how and when can you get your teen talking?

3. What is one tip for parents to protect their teens? 

Carlson's books are available on Amazon.

Carlson's blog ~ imperfectlybold.com

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Keywords: Lauren K Carlson, Dr. Kimberly Schehrer, Consent Education for Teens, Setting Boundaries, Self-Respect, Protecting Teens from Assault

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