Recover Yourself with Martin

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MartinJon Garcia, The Recovery Mentor, is an artist and former addict with 18 years of sobriety. His addictions started with drugs and alcohol, but while searching for sobriety, no surprise, he attached himself to a myriad of other vices such as gambling, and emotional outbursts.

In the years since MartinJon has utilized his creativity to help exorcise his need for external vices. Through his artwork, he was able to sort through the darkness that veiled how he saw the world and discover the value in his life and the world around him.

Today, MartinJon facilitates clients onboarding his Recovery Method through portraiture. This method refocuses your experiences to release blocks, illness and internal wounds. Typically this is expressed as the difference between "Recovering From" and "Recovering To." He helps individuals, creating breakthroughs and life-changing results, for many who were previously stuck in both their views and lives.


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