Relapse Awareness

27:17 | RHG TV Network |

Merritt and I discuss relapse and how to accept it when it happens and not be overwhelmed by the idea that it's a failure.

After receiving B.A.'s in English and Psychology, Merritt served a term with a literacy non-profit through Americorps which brought her into the education industry, and she earned a teaching certification after completing her service. She has been in recovery since 2013 and knows the struggles that come with relapse; following her relapse in 2018, she has searched for more ways to deepen her recovery and share in the recovery journey with others, which led her to "go public" with her story in the hopes of connecting and not only helping herself stay alcohol free but help others, too.

Keywords: recovery, sober living, sobriety, women in recovery, 12 step program, wellness

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