Self Healing and Soul Connection with Source Energy: an Interview with Vicchi Oleski

30:12 | RHG TV Network |

In today's episode of Healing Body Mind and Soul Aeriol spends some sacred time with Energy Intuitive, Community Leader and Founder of Sonoma County Healing Academy, Vicchi Oleski. Vicchi teaches people the 'how-to' of learning, embodying and up-leveling their relationship to Source, UNIVERSAL Life Energy. Aeriol and Vicchi peer into the meaning of psychic perception and somatic development and self care along the path of the soul's awakening. Lean in to this rich and soulful discussion of soulful empowerment.


Drop in an listen.⬇️

Happy Healing! 😃🙏

Aeriol Ascher

Keywords: energy healing, self care, self healing, interview, personal empowerment

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