Self healing from anxiety, panic and pain with Reiki Energy: an Interview with Heather Larkin

25:27 | RHG TV Network |

Aeriol hosts Heather Larkin of KC Holistic Healing in Kansas City on the Healing Body Mind and Soul Podcast for a straightforward conversation about using reiki energy and other self healing modalities to recover from anxiety, panic and pain. Heather tells her amazing story about how her body gave her clues to take care and luckily she found reiki and energy tools to heal herself. Heather is one of the co-author's of the upcoming book EMPOWERED SELF CARE Healing Body Mind and Soul for a Better World. Find out more about Heather: www.kcholistichealing.com

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Aeriol Ascher


Keywords: self healing, reiki, self care, energy healing, anxiety, depression, pain free

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