Self-integration & the Myth of Duality

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Today's inspiring conversation is with Tiffany Bisconer.

She is learning to crack the code on integrating an equally active analytical persona and a highly creative being into one authentic, beautiful woman.

It is not often I meet people who are successful at being both an artist and an analyst. Tiffany shares her battle to combine each aspect of her gifts into her life so that she feels whole.

Watch to discover how she reinvented herself and met up with dual stigmas: the struggling artist who felt not good enough and the CPA perceived as not being smart enough because she was an artist. An intriguing conversation!

We call this episode "Self-integration & the Myth of Duality."

I invite you to watch ...

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Keywords: self-integration, authentic life, left brain right brain, Upside Down to Right Side Up, Tips for the Transition

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