Selling Yourself and Your Services with Bonnie Marcus

2010 | 6:07 | Business |

It’s not easy to promote yourself effectively. Women often have more difficulty selling themselves and their services than their male counterparts, and this is due, in part, to their upbringing and the messages they receive from their family and friends about self promotion. As young girls, we are told to be humble and wait to be noticed and to take a back seat. The consequences of this behavior, however, can sabotage our efforts to advance our careers and build our business.
It is therefore critical for women to learn how to sell themselves effectively. Radio host (www.HeadoverHeelsRadio.com), Bonnie Marcus (www.WomensSuccessCoaching.com) is a leading expert in self-promotion and she has helped hundreds of professional women to connect with their value and talent and communicate a compelling message to sell themselves and their services, whether in a corporate setting or as business owners and entrepreneurs. Her coaching programs assist women to create an “irresistible intro” to their business and to deliver their message with confidence.

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