Sleep- Part 2 How to Get A Good Nights Sleep

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This is part 2 of my series on the Importance of Sleep. In my last podcast, I discussed the importance of sleep and why we sleep. This podcast focuses on everything that I have learned about how to set your routine so that you do get a good nights sleep every night, which is defined as 7 continuous hours of sleep.

These are all the tips I could find in 9 years of research on everything that is possible to do to ensure that you do protect your health by getting adequate sleep. These are the tips that have helped me get 7 hours of sleep consistently every night, and I believe that if you put all of these tips into place you too will get the sleep that you need to protect your health.

Getting on a healthy sleep cycle begins the moment you wake up.  

Learn all my other tips for a great night sleep. If you need help putting all of these strategies into place, I am a health coach and I can help you. Contact me at

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