Spring Forward 2019 Success Panel

Welcome to our Spring Forward 2019 Success Panel with our inspirational speaker: Rebecca Hall Gruyter. Join a wonderful, inspirational and powerful group of leaders share a little of their story and some, how they met Rebecca Hall Gruyter. Listen to Nancy Tarr Hart, Bonnie Bonadeo, Cheryl Lentz, Tim Sansone, and Marlene Elizabeth.

You can reach them online as follows.
Rebecca at http://www.YourPurposeDrivenPractice.com;
Bonne at http://www.BonnieBonadeo.com;
Dr. Cheryl at http://www.RefractiveThinker.com;
Tim at http://www.timothycsansone.com; and
Marlene Elizabeth at https://marleneelizabeth.com.

Keywords: Women, Empowerment, Purpose, SHINE, Rebecca Hall Gruyter, success, spring forward

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