Step into Your Mission and Share Your Expertise!

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Do you ever wonder if your book can make a difference? Do you have a purpose and a mission that is dying to get out on the pages of your book? Join us as Rebecca talks with Dr. RJ Jackson - a man who seeks to make a difference for those he is called to help with his writing. With each sentence, Dr. RJ is choosing to lean in and impact ...make a difference. In this peek into the inner world of bringing a book forward, Dr. RJ will share why he chose the cover he selected and how he found the strength/courage to lean into his calling and make the difference he is called to make for teens. Maybe his journey will help you to stop overthinking and bring your message, gift, and books forward now too!! Step into where you are called, author! As always, you can find our host, Rebecca Hall Gruyter at the or at Dr. RJ is also online at

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