Success After Homelessness - A Conversation with Sarah Ratchford

2018 | 22:39 | RHG TV Network |

Have you ever been in a place in life where you thought you might not recover? So has Sarah and she shares her inspiring story of shining despite her circumstances and has a mission to help others improve their mindset, circumstance and maybe earn some additional income all while helping others.

Join me as I have a conversation with Sarah Ratchford, who says, "The reason that I decided that I needed to work for myself is because I'm almost sixty. Due to so many job eliminations over the years, I had absolutely no money to take care of myself!" She found a solution and wants to inspire you to find a solution for themselves.

Keywords: Empowering Women, ACN Direct, Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Irma Vargas, Sarah Ratchford, Homelessness, Entrepreneurship

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