Suicide Prevention and Awareness: Jason Foundation

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Brett Marciel, the Chief Communications Officer for The Jason Foundation. The Jason Foundation is a nationally recognized leader in youth and young adults suicide awareness and prevention.

I am passionate about this sobering topic because suicide is preventable. When we become more aware and educated about the warning signs and how to respond, we save lives. 

Will you join me as Brett shares startling statistics and other information about youth suicide? 

This 60-minute episode is packed with vital information regarding suicide and our youth - ages of 10-24. 

How prevalent is the problem with youth suicide?

What are the signs we should be watching for?

How has COVID impacted mental health for our youth?

Brett answers these questions and much more! 

Learn more: https://jasonfoundation.com/

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Sponsored by Academy for Independence https://afi4me.com/

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