Teen Talk: A Courageous Teen on Purpose!

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Ambre is a courageous 14-year-old from Ise're, France. Her Aunt, Sophie Roumeas is the translator for this purpose-driven teenager.

Ambre's story is a fascinating one. She courageously helped herself & her sister to break the cycle of abuse.

Ambre answers the following questions and more:

1. What is the life of a teenager to you today?

2. What professional future do you think about?

3. What advice would you give to other teenagers
  who may feel unsafe?

This interview has some video pauses while Ambre answers some questions. However, the content of the interview is not interrupted, so please continue watching until the end...

You may connect with Ambre on her Instagram at

Dr. Kimberly warmly invites you to join her private, parent support FB community at

Here's to Unstoppable Teens, Unstoppable Dreams!

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