Teen Talk: Loneliness with Our Younger Generation

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Paulo von Simson is our special guest on today's episode and he speaks on the topic of loneliness.
As a student of the University of Kansas, he certainly understands the issues facing his generation and our younger future leaders. 

Is technology partially responsible for the loneliness that many of our youth are feeling right now?

Is there a difference between not feeling like you belong and feeling unconnected emotionally and mentally?

Is loneliness a side effect of remote learning?

What role does music play with loneliness versus connection?

Paulo answers these questions and more. 

While Paulo is committed to his studies, he is also passionate about music, which he has been playing for a decade. In fact, he created the theme music for this podcast!

Paulo plans on producing and airing his own podcast, "The Right Brain" in 2021! If you are a creative and would like to be considered for a guest spot on his show, email Paulo at:



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