Tell Me Your Story- Angel Marie Monacelli- Shine On, Using Mindset to Heal Chronic Pain

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Change Your Mindset, Energize Your Life and Shine On. Angel Marie Monacelli is pure joy and light.   

Ever since she was a small child, Angel Marie has brought people together, making them laugh and smile. Since that time, she has immersed herself in learning about energy, mindset, and healing.  

As a Reiki Master, Empowerment Coach, Master Speaker, author of a National Best-Selling Book, and creator of the Elite Reiki Certification System and the Shine On Movement TM, Angel Marie has been influential in the healing community for over 20 years.

Her passion is teaching others how to energize their lives, be more joyous, have more confidence, and experience freedom to live their fullest happiest life.
Shine is her awesome Australian Cattle dog and is her partner in all her healing endeavors, including coauthor of her book.

She healed her own chronic pain with mindset.



Facebook: angelmariemonachelli

Keywords: healing, chronic pain, happiness, reiki, empowerment

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