Tell Me Your Story- Cheryl Meyer with Joey Pinz

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I was a guest on Joey Pinz Discipline Conversations with my story and it was such a great conversation I asked Joey for permission to use it for my podcast as a Tell Me Your Story- Cheryl Meyer. I have never told my full story to my own audience.

My message is simple, "eliminate toxins, heal your chronic pain. Own your own health." I got sick and didn't want a life of pain and pills." My conventional MD tested and decided nothing was wrong with me but she would prescribe steroids and wanted me to seek mental therapy??? Instead I went researching on my own and fell into the functional medicine community. I learned that by eliminating toxins i could take a big step in reducing my chronic pain. This was a critical step in healing my leaky gut, which is the cause of inflammation. As I regained my health, I returned to school and became a health coach to share my new knowledge with others. Author of two books on my journey so that you can learn with me.

Keywords: Chronic illness, autoimmune disease, empowerment, author, disciplione conversations, Joey Pinz

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