Tell Me Your Story- Delaine Shay From Alcoholism to Knowing Her Mission

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Delaine Shay grew up in small town America. As a child some tragic deaths happened in Delaine's family; when she was three her dad accidentally backed over her brother who died instantly. There were more deaths and traumas that followed in childhood, adolescence and adulthood; she made some wrong choices when trying to deal with them. The harder she tried to come up with solutions, the more frustrating her life became. As a teen she was in trouble. The suicide of a close uncle triggered her need to drink even more to numb the pain of the avalanche of adversities. But the alcohol quickly turned on her and she began hating who she was. Many times, she wished it had been her that died instead of her brother.  
Tune in and listen to a woman whose resilience and the love of others turned her life around to find her mission to recover and help others.

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And her amazing book, And "Then We Laughed" available on Amazon.

Keywords: faith, alcohol, death, mission, trauma, suicide, laughter

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