Tell Me Your Story Hank Setala- from Alcoholism to Sonic Shaman

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Hank Setala's mission is to help people to perceive know be and express their unique voice in this world. He is the founder of Emergence of Being, a group of contributors offering everything from functional medicine to shamanic healing. 

Hank has been intuitive since birth, possibly due to a near-death experience. He medicated his gift for many years getting sober in 2006 and started to walk the path of a healer. His passion is to help people perceive, know, be and express their unique voice in this world in a space free from self-judgment and the judgment of others. 

He became known as the Sonic Shaman for his talent of blending ancient ceremonies from the Paqo Kuna traditions of Peruvian shamanism with modern sound healing tools like crystal bowls, tuning forks, gongs, and more. 

You can find out more about Hank on his website and his YouTube channel 

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