Tell Me Your Story Janette Stuart

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Janette is a cancer survivor and a warrior. She got pancreatic cancer 18 months ago, but has always seen and talked with and been supported by her angels. She"knew" that she was going to survive, her mission on this earth is not yet completed. With the right mindset, a loving community and family, a healthy diet and a strong faith, today Janette is cancer free. I want you to hear Janette's remarkable story so that you know that you too can overcome whatever health condition you are struggling with. .

You can contact Janette at for an angel reading or buy her books at Janette is truly one of the most loving souls that I have met in my life. She sends daily devotionals if you join her mailing list. She is filled with joy.

I am available for coaching via zoom for any chronic illness including cancer. Learn healthy eating habits to support your body and improve your immunity.

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