Tell Me Your Story Jesse Campbell, Angelic Intuitive

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My interview with Jesse is a delightful conversation about a health and spiritual journey. Jesse left home at 14 and married, got pregnant, and was so malnourished, lost her child. She suffered through multiple toxic relationships, and hormone issues, and discovered she had a pituitary tumor. She went to school, became a medical assistant, suffered through another toxic relationship and finally was blessed with a child. Through her journey towards health and self awareness, she finally created a happy, healthy life that she knew she deserved. In the process she experienced her spiritual awakening, and how to use her intuitive gifts and call upon her angels to create self love and a healthy relationship with herself, her child and a wonderful soul mate. 

You will want to hear Jesse's story and how she created her own happy ending. Jesse has her own podcast and

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Keywords: health, toxic relationships, intuitive, hormones, pregnancy

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