Tell Me Your Story Joe Petroski- From Severe Environmental Disease to Master Healer

1:03:44 | RHG TV Network |

Joe Petroski is an intuitive coach and master healer and discovered his gifts by overcoming certain death. Joe's ability to connect with Spirit to see your complete energy field facilitates profound healing. He can see your subconscious, its powers and blocks providing you quick and profound positive changes in all areas of your life! Joe has been coaching and healing clients for over 19yrs. He helps eliminate pain, illness, allergies, migraines, traumas and much more.
In the 90's Joe began to get ill from everyday chemicals and smells. Illness progressed badly, became unable to work and in 99 the doctors gave up on him and send him home to die. He kept trying alternative treatments and was told he was insane to believe he would live. August of 2001 he became healthy. He received my Master Certification in Chinese Energy Healing in 2003.

Keywords: intuitive, healing, environmental toxins, healer, pain, illness, migraines, traumas

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