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My guest this week is Joez Pinz aka Pinone. We had a wonderful conversation about discipline. I was a guest on Joey's show and wanted to highlight him on mine. Our interview became Tell Me Your Story, Cheryl Meyer.

Joey has been working on harnessing discipline his whole life and using discipline he has
1. lost 135+ pounds
2. found and run 25+-year-old business
3. after the loss of my sister, comfort family and started a foundation
4. taught himself computer languages in 1980
5. got a pilot's license at age 45
6. maintained a golf 5 handicap
7. completed 5 triathlons
8. traveled from NYC to Italy by myself at 10 years old
9. earned class clown in high-school
10. and is an intermittent faster

We had a wonderful conversation and Joey has many pearls of wisdom to share with all of you.

I am a health coach. I used discipline to reverse the pain of my autoimmune disease and write 2 award winning books about health. Contact me at

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