Tell Me Your Story Lindsey Kemp, Tossed Her Toxins and Saved Her Child's Life

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Lindsey has 5 children. One was really ill. Nothing gave them clues to what was wrong with their 3 yr old daughter. Her skin was blue/ hanging on her frame. She was dying. The medical community was stumped. She met Marilee Nelson by accident, and Marilee explained environmental toxins and gifted her with Branch Basics a remarkable nontoxic cleaner that Marilee's company makes. (Listen to Episode 6) This began a journey where Lindsey started step by step cleaning the toxins out of her home, and by doing so, saved her child's life. The entire family benefited.
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My book which shares where I found the toxins in my life and what I replaced them with When you buy my book write to me for the workbook. It took me 5 years to purge all these toxins.The workbook will help you.

Branch basics for their cleaner and their blog

Lindseys real estate business

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