Tell Me Your Story- Marilee Nelson- Environmental Toxins

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Surviving Overwhelming Toxic Load

Marilee Nelson not only suffered from severe health problems for much of her life, but her ten-year-old son, was exposed to high levels of pesticides, leaving him extremely chemically sensitive to the point he could hardly function. The doctors' prognosis was that he would never recover, but Marilee believed there had to be a way. This is a story of a mothers love. She discovered that organic whole foods were medicine, and it changed her life. Her son grew up to be an officer in the air force and is healthy and robust today. Marilee was committed to getting the chemicals out of her life but also out of household products. She became an environmental toxin expert and created a product for cleaning that is a 1 on the EWG toxicity scale. Made from plant enzymes, I use it to wash my dishes, laundry, floors, toilets, you name it. You will learn just how important it is to lower your toxic load. Learn more

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