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As Miriam Richard watched her fifteen-year-old son, Charlie, suffer the wracking agony of Crohn's disease, Miriam (pen-name Shannon Eavenson) just wanted to make the pain go away. Having experienced a serious gastrointestinal disorder herself, she hoped to spare Charlie a lifetime of medication and possibly surgery. Her family had a choice to make:

Miriam and her family chose the holistic path, leading them on a long journey through medical research into Crohn's disease, autoimmune disorders, and diet.

Eventually, Miriam discovered the potent connection between gut health, diet, and lifestyle habits.

Miriam then gathered her hard-earned knowledge into an important guide to holistic treatment of bowel diseases: Gut Feeling : Gut Healing.

She then did something miraculous, she started training dogs to sniff out the food sensitivities that made her son sick. Dogs in Vests

Don't miss this fascinating interview with a Mom who would stop at nothing to save her son's health.

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