Tell Me Your Story Rhonda Liebig, Revitalizing Hyperthyroidism with Mindset

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Rhonda Liebig is a Mindset Coach. In this episode we will discuss 
How did you become an energy revitalizer and what does that mean?
Why did you get off of medicine?
What were the beginning steps of getting off of medicine?
What is your core regime to stay off of medicine
Can you speak to these current times and give a realistic approach to vitality?
In this new world, what do we need to do each day to get ourselves up and feeling inspired?
Rhonda is an international speaker on the topics of Karate chopping Your Saboteur for your Health and Mindset, creating higher vitality in your life and business. She is a best selling author of 14 Days to a Flat Belly and The FITT Solution. Rhonda is a CPA with ten years of business experience and an AADP Certified Health Coach in the health industry for over 20 years and is a master in bringing freedom into your body through health and cash flow into your business.

Keywords: vitality, cash, holistic remedies, hyperthyroidism, health, it feels good to feel good

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