Tell Me Your Story Robbie Lee Burda

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Robbie Lee is a shamanistic mystic, spiritual poet, a Star Finder and a Trail Blazer guide, who is also Tranformational Law of Attraction, Life Coach certified! He empowers people to reawaken, and to play with their creative inner child again, so every day they can play joyfully, as they get to forever grow and expand more within! Many people desire to understand how they too, can make a real lasting difference, All they need is some guidance, to find their trail, so they can create their chosen chance! And he has found that most of all, what these really kind-hearted people mostly desire to do is to live their life fully and with purpose, leaving a lasting legacy, by finding and following their destiny, and with their passion, to be able to follow through! You will be amazed by his heart wrenching beginnings to finding his mission. Learn Light Language activation and book your session for a special $40. Connect with Robbie on Facebook messenger

Keywords: light language, transformation, shaman, purpose, reawaken, child abuse

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