Tell Me Your Story Seema Giri

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Seema Giri's personal testimony and extensive expertise makes her an expert to all who want to tell their own stories and impact the world through her Shine Your Brilliance Author program and storytelling platform. Her clients write high-impact books, sharing wisdom they gained from life-altering experiences. Over the last 20 years, she has helped nearly 100,000 leaders expand their consciousness, tap into their inner power, and unleash their true potential so that they become unstoppable in business and life. Seema is a 2x #1 International Best Selling & Award Winning Author, and is proud to have co-authored the book The Authorities, with New York Times Bestselling authors Dr. John Gray (Men are from Mars Women are from Venus), Marci Shimoff (Happiness for No Reason), and Raymond Aaron (Double Your Income Doing What You Love). In it she chronicles her transformation from being bed ridden and in chronic pain to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Keywords: Chronic illness, autoimmune disease, empowerment, author, The Authorities, entreprenuer

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