Tell Me Your Story - Susie Roberts. Lifes Roadblocks Are an Opportunity to Change Course

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Susie spent twenty-five years as an RN. At the end of 2009, after months of increasingly debilitating symptoms that were dismissed by her MD as stress and being thin, she ended up in the ER with a heart attack. That hospitalization led to multiple diagnoses, including Lupus, a small heart defect and a blood clotting disorder. It was also discovered that she had suffered a mild stroke. Recovery took years. Susie took that health odyssey as huge sign to change. Susie earned a BS in Healthy Lifestyle Coaching. She simultaneously studied the astrological effects on health, business and one's journey. She then accepted an extraordinary offer from The Institute of
Professional Celebrants to train people to create beautiful rites of passage that acknowledge, celebrate and honor love.  

"Take roadblocks as a sign, not that you're on the wrong path, rather they are showing you where you need to make adjustments on your journey."

Keywords: heart attacks, lupus, autoimmune disease, RN, stroke, Celebrant, roadblocks, rites of passage

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