Tell Me Your Story-Valerie Stancill, Advocate for Self, Loved Ones, for Health, Domestic Violence, Life

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"What I have been through, will help you get through..." My guest today is Valerie Stancill. Valerie was in health care when her beloved husband was diagnosed with a devastating life-ending illness. She became his advocate and caretaker. Then she became the advocate for her mother.  

But Valerie's story takes a twist. After being a widow for 5 years, she stepped out to find love again, and got involved with a man who was emotionally abusive.

You don't want to miss our conversation.

Valerie is a best-selling author, international speaker, domestic violence advocate, and contributing writer. After living through her own trials and setbacks she knew her experiences were not only for her. She moves daily to fulfill her passion to educate, empower, inspire and equip women to regain control of their life and wellness so they can live abundantly emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 


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