The Essential Nutrients for Health

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Food is more than energy or calories, food is information for every cell in your body. Do you know what the essential nutrients are for life, for our bodies to reach optimal health? Think of it as code that programs your software. Your hardware is your genes. Your software is how those genes are turned on or off 

Food regulates your genes, hormones, like insulin, testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid and it alters your brain chemistry, producing happy chemicals.

You eat to build muscle, healthy bones, gain energy, balance your hormones, fix your gut, boost your immunity, improve heart health, and more.

Next time you eat something, ask yourself if you are fine with it becoming part of you for the long term. If not, don't eat it. So do you want to be a chemical french fry or a beautiful vegetable? Everything (our health, our communities, our planet) is connected to what we do or don't eat  

The essential nutrients are covered in this podcast. Eat for your future health.

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