The Gifted Messenger: End Child Abuse

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In this episode, Kari Kelley shares her story of abuse. She shares tips about the warning signs of abuse and how to respond if you suspect that your teen has been abused.

Kari is a #1 Bestselling Author of the book, "Heal Thy Self." 

She is also the author of, "Black, Blind and Female" and a contributing author in the book,
"Village Pearls: Spiritual Practices to Uplift Your Soul." 

All books can be located on Amazon.

Further, Kari Kelley is the producer and performer of several one woman shows and she is the star in the documentary, "Gifted Messenger." (8-minute documentary: https://vimeo.com/246361147)

Kari is a remarkable woman of resilience and she is devoted to her mission to end child abuse. She is an inspiration and a guiding light for those who need support to break the cycle of abuse. 

Kari is available to be an initial step to make the call to authorities and to find resources and support groups to help you and your teen.

Email Kari at: karikelleyk2@gmail.com

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