The Grandmother Legacies (Part 2 of 4 in Special Series)

2017 | 53:45 | Womens Empowerment Series |

Join Rebecca Hall Gruyter (RHG TV Network), Lorraine Giordano (Intuitive Energy Healer), Marcy E Knippel (Writer Unleashed), Sandra Edwards (Intuitive Hand Analyst), and Angela Blaha (Consciousness Mentor), as they share a behind-the-scenes, heart-to-heart conversation with the authors of the forthcoming book: The Grandmother Legacies (to be released on Amazon on December 5th). Hear powerful wisdom, tips, and ways that you can tap into your legacy story and SHINE!

Keywords: Women, Empowerment, holidays, Amazon, VoiceAmerica, VoiceAmWomen, family, Grandmother, Legacy, RHGTVNetwork, Lorraine Giordano, Mary E Knippel, Sandra Edwards, Angela Blaha, Rebecca Hall Gruyter, book, anthology

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