The Grandmother Legacies (Part 3 of 4 in Special Series)

2017 | 51:36 | Womens Empowerment Series |

Join Rebecca Hall Gruyter (RHG TV Network), Pamala Smith (Realtor/Green Your Kitchen), Trisha Garrett (BriteLiteTV), Victoria Leo (Soaring Dragon), and Colleen Quinn (Coach/Change Advocate), as we share a behind the scenes heart to heart conversation with the authors of the recently released book: The Grandmother Legacies (already an International Bestseller since its release on Amazon last week). Hear powerful wisdom, tips, and ways that you can tap into your legacy story and SHINE!

Keywords: Women, Empowerment, holidays, Amazon, VoiceAmerica, VoiceAmWomen, family, Grandmother, Legacy, RHGTVNetwork, Trisha Garrett, Pamala Smith, Victoria Leo, Colleen Quinn Rebecca Hall Gruyter, book, anthology

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