The harrowing tale of Siciliana

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In today's Rising Star Book Club, we'll be talking with best-selling author Carlo Treviso. In this episode, you'll find out more about "Siciliana," his new historical thriller novel that just came out.

The harrowing tale of "Siciliana" is about Aetna Vespiri, the daughter of a famous Sicilian knight, who leads a revolt against the French Angevin forces that are occupying Sicily. Soon, Aetna is fighting not only for the country she loves, but also for what it means to be a family.

By showing a window into this dramatic time, I hope to shed new light on Sicily's fascinating past and strong culture. I also want to celebrate my Sicilian heritage in a way that I wanted to see in popular culture when I was a kid.

"Siciliana" is sold in hardcover, paperback, and ebook formats on Amazon and other online stores.

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