The Importance of Eating Organic

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This is information that everyone should listen to. I discuss why it is important to eat organic, the advantages to your health, your families health, and the planet's health. I explain what organic is, why it is more expensive, what factory farmed vegetables are, and what GMO's are.

Medicine is not healthcare. Food is healthcare. Pharmaceuticals mitigate health issues where as real organic food from the farmacy can heal the body. There are more phytonutrients available to the body from organic fruits and vegetables.

Key to remember, staying healthy is less expensive long term than getting sick.

After you listen to the many benefits of eating real organic fruits and vegetables, learn all my tips to eat for your future health. Join my Ditch the SAD (Standard American Diet) class and stop eating the CRAP(Carbonated, refined, artificial, processed) foods class that begins Jan 25. There are replays available and a private Facebook group.

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