The Mechanics of Curiosity

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In this episode 19, internationally recognized brain and mind expert Richard Hill and I discuss embracing the Curiosity Mindset as both a healing tool and way of life. Unfortunately, most people talk about curiosity in terms of "figuring out how things work." Richard points out that this simplistic viewpoint has allowed life to train us into turning curiosity off instead of welcoming the tremendous expansion that comes to bear when we unleash it.

To show how using his Curiosity Oriented Approach works, we get into the details of what curiosity is (the Three Pillars) and how you can start resolving conflicts and challenge in your relationship in three simple steps.

Listen until the end to learn how to receive a free gift from Richard.

Keywords: Partnership Bliss, Relationship Coaching, Kimi Avary, Richard Hill, Curiosity, Mindfulness, Global Association of Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies

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