The Perils of Sugar

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Sugar is as addictive as cocaine and heroine. It does harm to every system in the body. It takes away our food freedom by suppressing our appetite hormones. This continually causes us to crave "more" sugar even after we have eaten a large meal. We no longer detect that we are full. We need to detox off of sugar to lower our inflammation. Sugar causes "leaky gut" which causes dis-ease.

Fake sugars are no better. They are pure chemicals and do our bodies harm.

I discuss the damage that sugars in processed foods and fast foods are doing to our bodies.

Hire me to help you navigate the mine field of food. You set your health goals, I help you achieve them. I hold clients accountable to their own goals. People who hire a coach want to win; I help them do that with their health. I help clients write their own story so that they can create their own ending. They take back their power over their health.  

Ditching sugar = food freedom

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