The Power in Sharing our Mess

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In March of 2010 Joy's life became unrecognizable. On a journey that only God could orchestrate, she found herself working in a homeless shelter for women and children. In 2016, Joy's passion for women in crisis and the Gospel took her on a new adventure. Joy currently serves women at Pregnancy Solutions, a crisis pregnancy center in Akron, Ohio. As Client Services Coordinator, she walks with women through their pregnancy decision. By God's grace, she has an opportunity to be a voice for the unborn. She has been speaking to women for over 15 years both nationally and internationally. Joy can be heard on Moody Radio – Cleveland (WCRF) as part of the Pause For Prayer Team. She is the author of The Great Cover Up and hosts the Running In Flats Podcast.


Keywords: overcoming, recovery, mental health, raising awareness, inspiration,

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