The Resilience Journey

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This is part two in a series of conversations with Chelle Johnson, Career Advocate. We knew during our first conversation that we had much more to share with you. 

In this episode, Chelle and I about what it takes to build resilience in life and your career. It's an uplifting episode, and we touch on so many great topics that help you to bounce back better, stronger, and faster. Some of them you need to release and some you need more of.

Here's just a peek at what's included: your inner critic, your inner voice, clarity, perspective, harmony, passion, purpose, what works, what drives you, and what lights you up.

Tune in and stay to the end for Chelle's powerful tips and strategies, then check out her free offer here: www.T4T.link/AmplifyYourAwesome.

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Keywords: Career Change, Resilience, Career Transition, Adapting to Change, Tips for the Transition, from Upside Down to Right Side Up

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