Through A Child’s Eyes

2019 | 14:13 | RHG TV Network |

When you need some guidance in explaining death to a child, there is no better resource than the book, author Karen Longstreth has written. Listen in and find out why!

Danny and Patricia were looking forward to summer break. Then they found out that Grandpa Hank was sick and was going to die. Don and Emma were so worried, how were they going to explain death, organ donation, cremation, burial and cemeteries to their children.

In “Through A Child’s Eyes” you will learn:

- How to use age appropriate language to explain these things to children
- Find a helpful question section with some informative answers to help grieving young children
- Find work pages with plenty of space for children to answer questions and create drawings to remind them of what their loved one looked like, what they liked and how the child is feeling.

Keywords: Karen A. Longstreth, Irma Vargas, Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Grieve Journey, Grieving Process for Children, Author on Grieving, Parenting

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