Toxic Relationships Impact Health Part 1

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Toxic Relationships have a significant impact on our health. This isan in depth look at toxic relationships, whether they are with a significant other, a parent, an employee, a boss, a customer, or a friend. I go through all the signs that a relationship is becoming toxic and why it is damaging to our health. I don't want you to miss what is happening. I then discuss the different types of toxic relationships how to set boundaries, how to try to make the relationship healthy and when to walk away. When you walk away, I want it to be with no regrets, that you did everything in your power to make it right. I then address how to rebuild your own self-esteem so that you are healthier the next time you enter into a new relationship.

As a health coach, I work with people with chronic health issues to give them hope and accountability to meet their own goals. We start with you sharing your story and what you have done in the past. For Contact me at

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