Toxic Relationships Impact your Health-Part 2

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Toxic Relationships impact our health. This is part 2 of a two part series.

In the second episode in the Toxic Relationship series, we begin with narcissists and how crazy making it is to deal with them. They gaslight their victims into believing that what is wrong in the relationship is you and not their controlling behavior. Mirroring is common, where what they see in themselves is deflected onto you. There is no fixing this relationship. In order to walk away plan ahead so that you can make a clean break.

We talk about domestic violence, which can be different degrees. It can be verbal, or it can be physical. I discuss the healing process once you sever the abuse, and how to take care of yourself.

I briefly talk about energy vampires.

And then I concentrate on healthy relationships. How to find one, why you deserve one, and what it looks like. A healthy relationship depends upon how you view yourself. To find one, create your non negotiable list. You deserve happiness

Keywords: narcissism, domestic violence, rebuilding your life, self love, energy vampires, non-negotiable list of what you want

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