uncertainty inside a new found Freedom

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Chris Nell is a highly regarded and versatile South African Entertainer - Actor, Radio Personality and Voice Artist.

He has won the Top Achiever in Radio Award and has been seen in soap operas, short films and theater.

He is chiefly involved as radio personality for the Cuppa Caxton Morning Show on Caxton Radio XM in South Africa from 09:00 - 12:00 (GMT) and has supplied his voice to a myriad of commercials as a voice actor.

Apart from his professional accomplishments, Chris has felt compelled to share his story about the darkness of alcohol and substance abuse, the power of forgiveness and overcoming fear.

It takes a remarkable turn as Chris not only had to deal with the uncertainty of a newfound freedom, but also having to fight cancer after barely 5 months of having gotten sober. 

We'll also speak of how life changed for him after his cancer diagnosis and the importance of laughter and humor.


Keywords: overcoming, recovery, mental health, raising awareness, inspiration,

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