Using Intuition in Business: A Power Move

46:05 | RHG TV Network |

Gut instinct. Inner wisdom. Knowing. Are you connected to it? Or, disconnected? We all have it, but some of us use it and some of us ignore it.

Kevin O'Connor joins me for a spirited chat about men and women, how we value intuition differently, and what happens when we pay attention so we can make better choices--in any area of our lives. 

This conversation took a number of twists and turns but always came back to the importance of our intuition in life, career, and business.

Kevin shares excellent probing questions to help you check-in when something doesn't feel right and offers great tips as we close the show. 

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Keywords: Intuition, Intuitive Tips, Tapping into your intuition, tips for the transition, from upside down to right side up

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