What is Bullying and How to Stop Bullying | Bully Proofing You

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In this episode of The Rising Star Book Club, Maureen and Jeanie Cisco-Meth discuss why people bully, how to confront bullies, and she shares some insight from her book, "Bully proofing you: Improving confidence and personal value from the inside out."

Everyone knew Jeanie was different when she was young. When she started going to school, people started putting her in groups and calling her that. When she had a lot of learning disabilities and physical flaws, she was very different from everyone else. She had dyslexia, she couldn't talk very well, she was legally blind, she was six feet tall by the eighth grade, and so on. Jeanie is on a mission to stop bullying, and she's not just working in the corporate world. She's also going into the schools to spread her message about how to stop bullying.

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