Women Forging New Journeys After Re-careering!

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Join Dr. Young’s discussion with Spotlight Guest, Carrie Perry, Ph.D,., Entrepreneur, PS Communications, Dr. Carol Soloway, medical examiner/chiropractor/author and Ms. Althea Ledford, Editor, E-the Magazine for the Female Executive, cohosts, discuss digital media communications in today’s society; its impact for future corporations and businesses. Dr. Perry shares how technology has affected communication in our lives and businesses; what are its effects on face to face communication and how it has affected us positively and negatively. Technology speeds up communication between people. Technology provides convenience to use more than one method of communication. Now people can use email, social media, chat messengers, video conferencing, video calls, images, videos, symbols, diagrams, charts, and emoticons, etc. for the communication. A show to watch!

Keywords: transformation, success, leadership, women, mentoring, influencing, techniques, strategies, dr. carrie perry, barbara young

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